Eclipse TD

Eclipse TD at Cool Gales.
Eclipse TD chief designer Hiroshi Kawaki (centre) and European manager Hideto Watanabe (right) with Ivan Kursar at Cool Gales.

We’ve dealt with many fine speaker brands over the years, but we’ve now decided to focus on only one, Eclipse TD. Why? Eclipse TD speakers are, in a word, revolutionary. The “TD” in each speakers model designation stands for “Time Domain” technology, which represents a fundamental re-engineering of speaker design.

We’ve found that Eclipse TD speakers work beautifully with almost any amplifier, from low-power valve to mega-power solid-state designs.

Eclipse TD began as a joint-venture of Fujitsu and Toyota, two multinational giants. The original purpose of the company was to develop speakers for cars, with audiophile speakers a logical result. Just imagine: the research and development resources available to Eclipse simply dwarf those of any other speaker manufacturer.

Best speakers ever? Stereophile seems to think so. Their reviewer described the original Eclipse TD712z as “an extraordinary speaker whose clarity, transparency, resolution, imaging, and timbral accuracy match or exceed those of just about every other speaker I’ve had in my system or heard at shows.”

Build quality and styling are superb. The TD712z Mk2s are our reference speakers here at Cool Gales. Their smaller siblings all share its sonic signature.

Absolutely awesome. Once you’ve experienced the speed, clarity, directness, and sheer musicality of single-driver Eclipse TD speakers, all multi-driver speakers, of whatever pedigree, seem a bit muddled.

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