Lyra exchange/rebuild

Any current Lyra model, even if damaged, can be traded in for a new unit. Listed below are current exchange prices on a like-for-like basis, for example, a new Kleos SL for an old Kleos SL. We must receive your old Lyra before shipping you a new one. Please contact us for availability.

Lyra also offer a rebuild service for older, discontinued models. Your treasured Lyra will be returned to Japan, where Yoshinori Mishima will disassemble it to its constituent parts. A completely new moving coil assembly, including a new cantilever, suspension, coil, damper, and stylus assembly will be mounted into the original body, keeping the magnets (which are demagnetised) and pole pieces. Mishima will then adjust and tune your cartridge so that it measures and sounds as new.

Lyra’s rebuild service is priced on an individual case basis. Unless you have a very high-end old Lyra, you may find it advisable to take advantage of Lyra’s upgrade service.

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