Frank Schroeder at the Bath AudioFest 2016
Frank Schröder fine tunes his CB tonearm on a Brinkmann Oasis turntable at the Bath AudioFest 2016.

We’re proud to represent Frank Schröder — or, to use the anglicised spelling, Schroeder — in the UK and Ireland, and to have had him as an exhibitor at some of our Bath AudioFests. Frank trained as a watchmaker, and approaches his art (his creations are indeed artworks) with the care, attention to minute detail, and ingenuity that reflect this heritage. Yes, you may need to be patient when ordering a Schröder tonearm, but it’s likely to be the last tonearm you’ll ever acquire, a true masterpiece that would complement any high-end turntable.

We always have at least one of Frank’s tonearms for audition here at Cool Gales.

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