Lyra Delos

Product Code: LYC012


ex-vat: £ 1,162.50

The Lyra Delos replaces the award-winning Lyra Argo i in the Lyra line-up, and offers some of the sonic signature of the hugely successful Lyra Skala at a much lower price point.

The Delos features a microridge design stylus, exhaustively tested to make it extremely good at tracking and resolution, yet with ultra-low levels of groove wear, a superb signal-noise ratio, and a dramatic reduction to the audibility of groove damage. It also features a new high-performance asymmetrical damping system, designed to make the signal coils precisely parallel to the front and rear magnets during play.

All Lyra cartridges are designed by Jonathan Carr in collaboration with Yoshinori Mishima, and manufactured by Lyra in Japan. Yoshinori personally checks and fine-tunes every Delos before it is shipped.

The Delos combines warmth and weight in the mid-band with awesome detail retrieval and frequency extremes for its class, making it perhaps the best value of the Lyra family.

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