Stax SR-L700

Product Code: SXH031

£ 1,195.00

ex-vat: £ 995.83

The Stax SR-L700 earspeakers feature hand selected thin-film diaphragms and fixed electrodes machined through three-layer stainless etching using heat diffusion, a technology used in the SR-009 flagship earspeakers. The earpads are crafted with genuine lamb leather. High-purity copper and silver-plated high-purity copper are used in the cabling.

Like all Stax Earspeakers, the SR-L700s must be used with a Stax Energiser.  They cannot be used with standard headphone sockets.

This is a special-order item, usually with a delivery time of around four to six weeks.

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Frequency range
7 Hz to 41 kHz
Capacitance, incl cable
110 pF
145 kOhms at 10 kHz
101 dB/100 V rms/1 kHz
Weight, incl cable
496 g