Silent Mount SM7

Product Code: CHY002


ex-vat: £ 332.50

Silent Mount SM7 isolation mounts are designed to improve the contact between the spikes fitted to equipment and your floor or hi-fi rack. The SM7 mounts will make it easier to stabilise your equipment/rack and will improve the high speed energy transfer.

Silent Mounts discs are made in Japan and distributed by Chord Cables in the UK. We at Cool Gales have tried many similar products, and we find these to be the most effective in almost all applications, particularly under speakers. Music sounds clearer, more immediate and direct, with more precisely defined bass, and with significantly greater soundstage and depth.

All Silent Mounts are supplied with a set of self adhesive thin felt pads. With the SM7s, the felt pads should be fitted to the base of each Silent Mount only on polished floors.

Each SM7 stainless steel Silent Mount is 70 mm in diameter and will support up to 50 Kilos in weight.

The SM7s do everything the SM5s do, only more so. We would recommend the SM7s over the SM5s in every application where space and budget allow. We use the SM7s under our reference pair of Eclipse TD712z Mk2 speakers, for example, in place of the standard integral discs.

Price shown for a pack of four Silent Mount SM7 discs. For a pair of speakers with four spikes each, order two sets of SM7s.