Pro-Ject Phono Box USB V

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The Pro-Ject Phono Box USB V is a superb basic phono stage with an integral USB output, to allow digital recording of your viny to a computer or laptop.

Designed to work with both moving-magnet and low-output moving-coil cartridges. A knob on the front of the unit allows for full control over the volume of your USB signal to avoid distortion and/or “clipping”. The unit also features a line input, allowing you to record from line-level sources, such as a tape deck, as well.

Key features of the Phono Box USB V are:

  • Metal case shields the electronics from vibrational and electromagnetic interference.
  • Small size allows installation close to record player.
  • Special low-noise ICs used.
  • Optimal channel separation through dual-mono circuitry.
  • Gold plated RCA connection sockets.
  • Outboard power supply included.
  • Amplification and RIAA equalisation for MM and MC cartridges.
  • Digitalisation of analog signals for recording direct to disk via USB with suitable recording programs.
  • Automatic recognition, without additional driver, by standard PC.
  • Runs on Windows® and Mac OS® operating systems.
  • Phono MM/MC selection switch located at the rear of the unit.

Factory sealed box with full warranty.

You will need a set of interconnects to connect this unit to your amplifier.

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Input Impedance:  
MM - 47k? / 120pF MC - 100? / 120pF
MM - 40dB MC - 60dB
Output Voltage Typically:  
300mV / 1kHz @ 3mV / 1kHz (MM Input) 300mV / 1kHz @ 0.3mV / 1kHz (MC Input)
Gain (Line Input)
Max. Output
9.5V (1kHz)
Noise Floor:  
MM - 86dB (94dB - A Weighted) MC - 68dB (75dB - A Weighted)
MM - 0.01% MC - 0.05%
RIAA Equalisation Curve Accuracy
20Hz - 20kHz / max. 0.5dB
A/D Converter:  
Burr Brown PCM2904 16-Bit Delta Sigma
Sampling Rates
32, 44.1 and 48kHz
USB Output
Digital Serial Data Protocol USB 1.1
Operating Systems:  
Windows XP, Vista, 7 Mac OS
Phono - 1 Pair RCA Phono Sockets Line - 3-Pole 3.5mm Coaxial Jack
1 Pair RCA Phono Sockets
Noise Floor
Dynamic Range
Outboard Power Supply
18V/500mA DC
Power Consumption
100mA DC
Dimensions (WxHxD):  
103 x 36 x 104mm 103 x 36 x 115mm (Including Sockets)
580g (Without Power Supply)