Pro-Ject Essential II Digital

Product Code: PRT043D

£ 309.00

ex-vat: £ 257.50

The Pro-ject Essential II Digital adds a high-quality integral phono stage to an already superb budget turntable, giving users the option of an analogue line level output or a 24-bit/96kHz digital optical output. The optical output uses a high-quality Analogue-Digital Converter (ADC) to send a clean, uninterrupted signal to any digital hub; the analogue output uses a phono stage based upon Pro-Ject’s iconic Phono Box design.

The Essential II Digital is pre-fitted with an 8.6” aluminium tonearm with sapphire bearings, with an Ortofon OM 5e cartridge factory installed. Dustcover and felt mat included.

Available in high gloss black or white.

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Press Reviews

BEST TURNTABLE 2015! “The sound was big bodied, fluid and dynamic. It was larger chested than most budget turntables in fact, giving me a big expansive sound stage with plenty of apparent depth and real power. The Pro-Ject Essential II Digital is quite an amazing package. It gave great results, having lush sound quality from its analogue output that I found thoroughly enjoyable and entirely in keeping with expectations from LP.”

Hi-Fi World

“I must confess that I anticipate a slight degradation in sound quality due to the additional signal processing required, but in fact I can’t detect and discernible difference in quality compared with the line output.
“The Pro-Ject Essential II Digital turntable punches well above its price point.”

Hi-Fi Choice

“It’s well-organised and enthusiastic performance that rarely gets flustered, even with more demanding recordings.”

What Hi-Fi?



33/45 RPM 
Speed Variance
Wow & Flutter
33: 0.14% 45: 0.25%
Effective Tonearm Length
8.6" (218.5 mm)
Effective Tonearm Mass
8.0 gr
22.0 mm
Pre-fitted cartridge
Ortofon OM 5e
Power Consumption
4.5 W
Dimensions (W x H x D)
420 x 112 x 330 mm
4 kg