PrimaLuna EVO200 Preamplifier

Product Code: PLS015

£ 2,588.00

ex-vat: £ 2,156.67

The PrimaLuna EVO200 Preamplifier is a high-end, dual-mono linestage.  Key features are:

  • Low distortion, low noise, high bandwidth circuitry, using full dual-mono design,  four 12AU7 valves (widely available in new old stock versions), two 5AR4 rectifier valves, and custom-designed toroidal transformers.
  • SuperQuiet line inputs and ALPS Blue Velvet motorised volume control for ultra quiet operation, and ultra realistic reproduction of music.
  • SmartGain Design, with only 10 dB gain specification for ultra-quiet operation, even with high-sensitivity speakers.
  • Tube (valve) rectification, using two 5AR4 rectifier tubes for pure, dual-mono, all-tube design.
  • Point to point wiring throughout the critical signal path. The EVO200 is a work of art with internal construction. Assembled by artisans, it will last a lifetime.
  • Chassis made of finely finished heavy gauge steel with automotive quality finish. Removable tube cage included.

Four sets of stereo RCA inputs and one set of home cinema pass-through inputs. Two sets of stereo RCA outputs and one set of RCA tape outputs. A remote control is included.



10 dB
Frequency response
28Hz-43kHz +/- 1dB, 14Hz-92kHz +/- 3dB
< 0.5% @ 2 Volts
Signal-to-noise ratio
93 dB, 100dBA
Input impedance
220 kOhms
Input sensitivity
Output impedance
2800 Ohms
18 kg
365W x 405D x 205H mm
4 pairs stereo RCA, 1 pair home cinema RCA
2 pairs stereo RCA, 1 pair RCA (tape)
2 x 5AR4, 4 x 12AU7