Moth Mk II

Product Code: MOM001

£ 595.00

ex-vat: £ 495.83

The Moth Mk II record cleaning machine is a budget classic. It dispenses with the need for a platter. Instead, the record is clamped to a small  round platform for the wet cleaning phase of operation, then turned upside down for the vacuum phase. While the first side is being vacuumed, of course, the second side can be wet cleaned. During either phase, the motor can be operated in either directions.

Includes a full-size acrylic dustcover, 50 polythene record sleeves, a one litre bottle of Moth record cleaning fluid, and replacement felt pads for the vacuum nozzle.

Press Reviews

“Being a keen secondhand record collector I will be reluctant to give back the Moth RCM and can heartily recommend it to fellow enthusiasts.”


“I remain profoundly unconvinced by cleaning methods other than those using vacuums. At best the alternatives sweep the muck around, removing some and leaving the rest as a line of crackles every 2 seconds, at worse they sweep much harmless muck deep into the grooves and impact it into the vinyl….And before you claim that your records are clean think carefully… Are they really clean? I habitually clean even new records and the difference in quality before and afterwards is quite noticeable. Originally I bought my RCM as a share with a friend. I’ve just bought him out and he’s gone off with the Mk II totally convinced that a decent record cleaner is the best value upgrade he’s ever made.”