Miyajima Madake

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Noriyuki Miyajima has been producing extraordinary artisanal cartridges for decades. His designs, which feature an ingenious cross-coil moving coil generator and damping system, produce a full-bodied, supremely musical sound that recalls vintage audio systems, but with the high resolution and articulate frequency extremes of the finest modern cartridges. All Miyajima cartridges are low-compliance, and therefore suitable for high- and medium-mass tonearms, like the Thomas Schick and some of Frank Schröder’s designs.

The Miyajima Madake features a bamboo (madake) cantilever with an aluminium tip at the stylus end, with a nude Shibata stylus. A Stereophile Recommended Class A component, and one of the pinnacles of Noriyuki Miyajima’s art.

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Press Reviews

“The sound quality was exceptionally beguiling, seeming to bring an unfamiliar but very welcome richness to the proceedings. We all know that Johnny Cash has a wonderful voice, but just how wonderful I hadn’t realised until I spun Girl from the North Country (on Nashville Skyline) with the Madake on the end of my tonearm.”

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Hi-Fi Critic

“Madake is one of these cartridges that define “high-end” term, that bring us closer to the music, closer than many, some even more expensive, pickups. A proprietary mechanical design, very unusual material used for cantilever – one will find these elements only in this brand’s particular product. Mr Noriyuki Miyajima is a true master, true artist.”

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High Fidelity pl


Body material
African blackwood
Nude Shibata
Frequency response
20 Hz to 32 kHz
9.7 g
Tracking force
2.5 g
Internal impedance
16 Ohms
Recommended load
100 Ohms
0.23 mV
About 9×10-6cm/dyne