Miyajima Infinity Mono

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Noriyuki Miyajima has been producing extraordinary artisanal cartridges for decades. His designs, which feature an ingenious cross-coil moving coil generator and damping system, produce a full-bodied, supremely musical sound that recalls vintage audio systems, but with the high resolution and articulate frequency extremes of the finest modern cartridges. All Miyajima cartridges are low-compliance, and therefore suitable for high- and medium-mass tonearms, like the Thomas Schick and some of Frank Schröder’s designs.

The Miyajima Infinity Mono is the company’s top mono model. It is a true monaural cartridge, with no vertical movement, and therefore should be used solely with monaural records, as it will damage stereo discs.

It is a big cartridge, measuring 24 mm wide by 26.8 mm deep, and weighing 14.8 g, much bigger than standard cartridges, and therefore not mountable in many tonearms, so please contact us about suitability in your system.

The sound it produces is simply startling, not hi-fi at all, but music, utterly direct and magical. You may not want to return to stereo.

The Infinity Mono is available in two versions:

  • 0.7 mil conical stylus, suitable for mono records made from a stamper cut with a stereo cutting stylus, generally mono records made after the late 1960s and most modern mono reissues
  • 1.0 mil conical stylus, suitable for wider groove mono records made from a stamper cut with a true mono cutting stylus, generally mono records made from the late 1940s to the late 1960s

Both styli will play all mono records, and far better than any stereo cartridge.

This is a special-order item, with a delivery time of about three weeks.

Sorry, this item is not available for online order.

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Body material
African blackwood
14.8 g
Tracking force
3.0 to 4.0 g, 3.5 g recommended
Internal impedance
6 Ohms
Recommended load
100 Ohms
About 0.4 mV
About 8×10-6cm/dyne