Lyra Etna Lambda SL

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The Lyra Etna Lambda SL is a special version of the Etna Lambda for expert users with very high-gain, extra low noise phono stages, or alternatively a step-up transformer designed for phono cartridges of 2 – 3 ohms or less. The Etna SL may provide extra pure and pristine sound from an audio system that is optimized for a low-impedance, low-output cartridge.

Like the standard Etna, it features Lyra’s λ Lambda technology, which separates the tapered dampers into flat elastomer discs (for damping) and an additional support “pillow” to serve as the cantilever pre-loading element. This division allows the use of more specialised materials that are better suited to their individual tasks. The Etna Lambda SL retains Lyra’s New Angle design (coil and magnet angles become aligned when the cartridge is in the playing position), with stability and sonic performance significantly improved.

Other design feature include a yokeless dual magnet system, high-efficiency X-shaped signal coils, diamond-coated boron rod cantilever, a Lyra-designed variable-radius line-contact stylus, and a solid titanium core structure machined with non-parallel surfaces to inhibit internal reflections wherever possible, mated to a slightly undersized, asymmetric duralumin outer body that is designed to lock over the core like a very tightly-fitting jigsaw puzzle.

Most users (and phono stages) will benefit from the regular Etna with much higher output and considerably more energy; resulting in a much better signal-to-noise ratio. If you are in doubt about which version of Etna that will work best in your system, please go with the regular Etna.

All Lyra cartridges are designed by Jonathan Carr in collaboration with Yoshinori Mishima, and manufactured by Lyra in Japan. Yoshinori personally manufactures and fine-tunes every Etna Lambda.

There is a “rightness” to the sound produced by the Etna Lambda SL, perfect for a long evening’s listening. Highly recommended.

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Press Reviews

“The Etna is one of the new breed of harmonically enriched, full-bodied, yet ultradetailed and natural-sounding Lyras. These latest models sacrifice none of the brand’s renowned resolution of detail, transient agility, and tonal neutrality, while greatly improving on its textural richness and tonal complexity…. For tonality and texture, my vote goes to the Etna.” (Michael Fremer, review of original Etna)



Lyra-designed long-footprint variable-radius line-contact nude diamond (3μm×70μm), slot-mounted
Cantilever system
Diamond-coated solid boron rod with short one-point wire suspension, directly mounted into cartridge body via high-pressure knife-edge system
Machined titanium central core, anodized aluminum
2-layer deep, 6 N high-purity copper, chemically-purified high purity iron X-shaped former, 1.52 ohm self-impedance, 1.9μH inductance
Output voltage
0.25 mV@5 cm/sec., zero to peak, 45 degrees (CBS test record, other test records may alter results)
Frequency range
10 Hz-50 kHz
Channel separation
Greater than 35dB at 1kHz
Approx. 12×10 cm/dyne at 100 Hz
Cartridge weight (without stylus cover)
9.2 g
Distance from mounting holes to stylus tip
9.52 mm
Recommended tracking force
1.68-1.78 g (1.72 g recommended)