L’Art du Son

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L’Art du Son is a highly acclaimed and economical record cleaning solution developed and produced in Germany.

The fluid is a concentrate, capable of making up to four litres of cleaning fluid when mixed with distilled water. It is non-toxic, anti-static, biodegradeable, and contains no alcohol. Ideal for use with any vacuum record cleaning machine. Recommended for use even with new, unplayed records.

Press Reviews

“L’Art du Son, a record-cleaning fluid that really does sound different from the more conventional isopropyl-based cleaners. It contains no alcohol, is biodegradable, and can’t hurt you, though I wouldn’t advise drinking it! The conventional alcohol-based fluid deposited an electronic glaze over the sound, one particularly noticeable on the upper frequencies. This glaze increases the apparent ‘definition’ in the same way that most transistorized amplifiers do, and to these ears, emphasizes the electronic nature of the sound. With the L’Art du Son, that glaze is gone and just the music is left. I like this stuff! I couldn’t imagine going back to the conventional cleaning fluids.” (Harry Pearson, June/July 2005)


“The fluid improved the sound of older LPs. I had not cleaned them recently, and L’Art performed exactly as I’d hoped. At $100 for great used LPs and $33 for new ones, I didn’t want to accidentally ruin any. I recently acquired a 45 rpm Louis Armstrong test pressing from Classic Records, and used it as a test. I cleaned half with L’Art, the other half was not cleaned. The cleaned side was quieter and more dynamic. The mids were improved, with increased definition and more palpable musical textures. Even 200-gram virgin vinyl sounded better with L’Art. An occasional wet wash is the ONLY way to assure that you get optimum LP playback.”