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The ancient Japanese symbol that represents Hana can be translated as “flower” and “brilliant and gorgeous”. Both meanings express the sonic character of Hana cartridges.

Excel Sound, the manufacturer, which used to make cartridges for other brands, produces all the major parts, from materials like aluminium for the cantilever, AlNiCo magnets, pure iron for the magnetic circuit, and 4N copper wire for MC wiring. The electrical sub-assembly is then packaged in an ABS plastic body by highly skilled artisans. Hana cartridges as a result offer astonishing price/performance value.

The Hana ML is a low-output moving coil with a Microline stylus. In addition to the advanced stylus design, the ML has other features found in much more expensive high-end cartridges, including:

  • Body made of Delrin©, a rigid plastic with significantly improved resonance damping characteristics.
  • Cryogenic processing for key components such as the front yoke, and centre and rear elements of the magnet circuitry, yielding a more precise and musical sound quality.
  • High purity copper wire for the coils, offering greater clarity and precision of sound.
  • Captive threaded nuts for easy mechanical fixing to the tonearm headshell.

Press Reviews

“Tonally, the Hanas are close to the mid-point between the sound of several of the big hitters of the Japanese cartridge world, with much of the romance of a Koetsu, the ‘shimmer’ of a Kiseki or a ZYX, the insight and detail of a Lyra, and the musical boppiness of a Dynavector, and they manage to do all of this without suffering the ‘Jack of all Trades, Master of None’ problem. Yes, all of these cartridges got their stellar reputations for being the best you could get in that field for a reason, but the Hanas give you more than a glimpse of what the true masters have to offer, without the financial outlay. And yet, at no time does this sound like scraps from the very top table. The Hana ML in particular and the MH trailing close behind are every inch high-end super cartridges, only without the high prices.” (Alan Sircom)


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“Beyond wonderful …. I’ve never heard such a good sound as this before.

“It (ML) gave more insight into Marianne Thorsen’s violin … than I have ever heard before …. it was the best I’ve heard from this ‘difficult’ LP …. the slight sense of shimmer I often hear was replaced by a steady confidence in transcription …. I’ve never heard such a good sound as this before.”

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Nude Microline
Magnetic circuitry
Pure iron/Cryo treatment
Coil wire
High purity copper
Output balance
Tracking force
Channel separation
Frequency response
Suggested load impedance
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