Hana EL

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The ancient Japanese symbol that represents Hana can be translated as “flower” and “brilliant and gorgeous”. Both meanings express the sonic character of Hana cartridges.

Excel Sound, the manufacturer, which used to make cartridges for other brands, produces all the major parts, from materials like aluminium for the cantilever, AlNiCo magnets, pure iron for the magnetic circuit, and 4N copper wire for MC wiring. The electrical sub-assembly is then packaged in an ABS plastic body by highly skilled artisans. Hana cartridges as a result offer astonishing price/performance value.

The Hana EL is a low-output moving coil with an elliptical stylus.

Press Reviews

“When I mounted the Hana EL in the tonearm of Technics’ new Grand Class SL-1200GAE 50th Anniversary Limited Edition turntable, it retained its unpretentious charm but suddenly picked up energy and began dancing like a Gypsy, sounding more dynamic, spontaneous, and tuneful. I played this combo for some old-timer audiophiles. At first they were skeptical, but in short order their heads were bobbing and they were pounding their knees like bongos. All of them said they liked the Hana EL better than the Denon DL-103. So did I.”

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“The Hana (EL and EH) get a solid recommendation for their price point.”

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The Absolute Sound

“For someone like me who occupies the middle area of the audio spectrum, the magnificence of a great cartridge like the Hana EL simply has to be heard to fully comprehend just what I’ve been missing.

“The Hana EL is truly a remarkable cartridge, and makes for a compelling and world-class analog playback system. And even though the price is probably double what I’m typically used to paying for the cartridge that’s usually mounted in the arm of my table, the almost unbelievable increase in trackability, musicality, and overall performance makes it worth every penny.”

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Positive Feedback


Synthetic elliptical
Output balance
Tracking force
Dynamic compliance
10 x 10 (-6) cm/dyne
Channel separation
Frequency response
Suggested load impedance
Suggested capacitance load
47-220 pf
Cartridge weight