Decca Deram record brush

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The Decca Deram record brush is smallest, most minimal brush we sell. Just a single row of very fine carbon fibres, highly effective at sweeping up the tiniest dust specks on a record’s surface before playing. A classic.

Please note that these classic record brushes were manufactured by Decca some decades ago, and therefore some of the packaging may be worn or marked. The brushes, however, are new and without blemish.

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Press Reviews

“Few will fault the cleaning action of Decca carbon-fibre record brushes, with micro-fibres that got down into the groove better than anything before, and which also happened to discharge static. What the distributor found was a supply of the original, single-row type, a collector’s item in its own right, in the pink packaging without a velvet inner layer. It’s worth having just for your museum, and your LPs. I use one all the time.” (Ken Kessler, May 2006)