Clearaudio Talismann V2

Product Code: CLC032


ex-vat: £ 1,166.67

The Clearaudio Talismann V2 shares several key features with its siblings higher in the Clearadio MC range. It uses a unique patented configuration of eight magnets arranged in a ring (double the number of the previous version, which featured four magnets). This generates an intense magnetic field and also allows a reduced moving mass, giving a significantly greater sound performance with new levels of dynamic range, detail and channel separation. It has a precision boron cantilever and micro HD (high definition) stylus. In addition, its coils are made from pure 24-carat gold wire.

The body is made of hand-polished ebony with metal top plate and an internal metal-alloy resonance-suppressing block. A removable stylus guard is included.

A wonderful introduction to Clearaudio’s top moving-coil cartridges.