Clearaudio Goldfinger Statement

Product Code: CLC030


ex-vat: £ 9,500.00

The Clearaudio Goldfinger Statement is Clearaudio’s flagship moving-coil cartridge. It is designed with a patented configuration of twelve magnets arranged in a ring, generating an intense magnetic field with reduced moving mass, along with a “crown” of twelve fingers to dissipate resonance. It’s also the first MC cartridge in the world to include integrated electro-magnetic field (EMF) shielding of the generator assembly. The result is significantly greater sound performance with astonishing dynamic range, detail, and channel separation.

The Goldfinger Statement’s body is constructed of 585 gold, ensuring rigidity and absolute resonance control. The coils are made of pure 24 kt gold wire. As a finishing touch, the Goldfinger Statement features a ½ carat diamond mounted in the front of the body.

The Goldfinger Statement is a worthy paragon of Clearaudio’s advanced cartridge technology.

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