Clearaudio Concerto V2

Product Code: CLC016


ex-vat: £ 1,791.67

With many of the features of the Goldfinger, Titanium, DaVinci, and Stradivari, the Clearaudio Concerto V2 is the most affordable model in Clearaudio’s new moving-coil cartridge range. Like its siblings, it features a crown of twelve “fingers” designed to dissipate resonance and take clarity and dynamics to a new level. It is designed with a patented configuration of eight magnets arranged in a ring, generating an intense magnetic field with reduced moving mass. The result is significantly greater sound performance with asstonishing dynamic range, detail, and channel separation.

The Concerto’s body is machined from satiné wood. The coils are made of 24 kt gold wire. The boron cantilever extends well beyond the cartridge body, making cueing easy.

The Concerto V2 is a superb example of Clearaudio’s ultra advanced cartridge technology at a down-to-earth price.

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Press Reviews

“I was very impressed with the Clearaudio Concerto. It combined a rich harmonic palette, refined transient performance, excellent tracking, and outstanding resolution of low-level detail to produce an inviting, detailed, three-dimensional picture with all genres of music. It’s the best-sounding, most refined Clearaudio cartridge I’ve heard.” (review of original Concerto, Michael Fremer, July 2006)