ChordMusic Reference Tonearm Cable

Product Code: CHW711REF


ex-vat: £ 4,166.67

The ChordMusic Reference tonearm cable is derived from aerospace-originated technology, oxygen-free multi-strand copper conductors, precision polished to ensure a microscopically smooth surface before being plated with a heavy layer of silver, a treatment than ensures absolutely accurate transmission of signals, particularly in the high-frequency region.

In addition, ChordMusic features a special insulating material called Taylon™, which, unlike the Teflon™ insulation used in most other high-end cables, is unaffected by changes in temperature, particularly the temperature ranges found in the average listening room.

The result is astonishing coherence and clarity, and virtually perfect timing. In fact, the timing of ChordMusic is so precise, you’ll be able to visualise musicians watching each other for cues. We’ve heard many cables at Cool Gales, and we believe nothing, at whatever price, approaches the performance of ChordMusic.

ChordMusic tonearm cables are available with straight or right-angle connectors and are hand-built to whatever specification you need – including Slimline or Reference versions.

The Reference version uses a pseudo-balanced design and contains twice the amount of cable. It is more rigid, but has better performance. It won’t be suitable for all turntables, however.  If the turntable has a suspended chassis (eg. Linn LP12) the Slimline cable may be the better option. The Reference version might be too inflexible or heavy for the tone arm.

Price shown for a 1.2 m Reference tonearm cable. For longer lengths, add £2,700 per metre. This is a special-order item, with a delivery time of about one to three weeks.

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