ChordMusic DIN interconnect

Product Code: CHW011DIN


ex-vat: £ 3,333.33

The ChordMusic DIN interconnect is derived from aerospace-originated technology, oxygen-free multi-strand copper conductors, precision polished to ensure a microscopically smooth surface before being plated with a heavy layer of silver, a treatment than ensures absolutely accurate transmission of signals, particularly in the high-frequency region.

In addition, ChordMusic features a special insulating material called Taylon™, which, unlike the Teflon™ insulation used in most other high-end cables, is unaffected by changes in temperature, particularly the temperature ranges found in the average listening room.

The result is astonishing coherence and clarity, and virtually perfect timing. In fact, the timing of ChordMusic is so precise, you’ll be able to visualise musicians watching each other for cues. We’ve heard many cables at Cool Gales, and we believe nothing, at whatever price, approaches the performance of ChordMusic.

Other features include

  • shielding of very heavy gauge silver-plated foil in combination with an extremely dense silver-plated flat braid, flexible, yet highly effective
  • primary and secondary return path conductors identical to the signal path conductor, both separately shielded, yielding huge improvements to timing, dynamics, imaging, and depth
  • silver-plated connectors
  • use of solder with a high silver content

ChordMusic are our reference cables here at Cool Gales. Indeed, we’re proud to have had the first sets of Music interconnects in the UK.

Price shown for a 1 m DIN-to-DIN interconnect. For longer lengths, add £1,800 per stereo metre. RCAs-to-DIN and DIN-to-XLRs versions are also available at the same price. This is a special-order item, with a delivery time of about one to three weeks.

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Press Reviews

“Initially ChordMusic was certainly quite different from the cables I had been using. Tonally and speed-wise the music was presented differently enough that I could almost believe I was listening to alternative mixes of material on my current playlist. The ChordMusic was immediately bigger, the music more ambient and reverberant, and had a slightly darker overall tonality. But it was powerful, very delicate when it needed to be, and carried impressive weight and strength of delivery. Those early experiences and thoughts never really changed fundamentally as the weeks passed and the system seemed to get quicker and more dynamic. The balance grew leaner, which was good and the music gained agility. The slightly dark tonality lifted, or was it that I grew more used to it? The bandwidth seemed to grow and grow as the system became more eloquent at the frequency extremes, but the large-scale view remained. It just got tighter as the sound grew more honed and precise.”

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