Chord Electronics TToby

Product Code: CES020

£ 2,899.00

ex-vat: £ 2,415.83

The Chord Electronics TToby is revolutionary desktop stereo power amplifier specifically designed to complement the Hugo TT 2 DAC and take advantage of its high-quality digital preamp functionality. The TToby has been created using the same form factor as the Hugo TT 2, enabling audio lovers to create a high-performance Chord system where space is tight—or even where it isn’t.

TToby features Chord’s proprietary amplifier technology, based on Chord’s famous switch-mode power supplies, and delivers 130 Watts into a four-Ohm load. The Hugo TT 2 and TToby combination allows music lovers to enjoy the benefits of Chord’s class-leading DAC technology via headphones and loudspeakers. TToby offers both balanced and unbalanced inputs to complement the Hugo TT 2’s outputs.

Available in silver or black finish.

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Press Reviews

“Table top or not, the Hugo TT and TToby pairing make most price peers look pale and uninteresting. Starting a system from scratch, I couldn’t think of a more effective way to allocate budget. Outstanding.”

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Hi-Fi Choice

“No matter what was thrown at the Hugo TT and TToby – a wide range of other material, ranging from Radio 4 to ELO – they never let me down.

“It’s hard not to like this maverick combination. It’s flexible – if you’re prepared to overlook Hugo’s lack of support for analogue sources – and proves that a musically satisfying performance and an analytical nature need not be mutually exclusive.”

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Hi-Fi World

“This is an exceptionally good power amplifier – it just happens to be small, which will no doubt expand the possibilities for its use beyond partnering its matching HugoTT DAC/headphone preamp. To think of it as a great desktop choice is to do it a disservice – yes, it will perform that function very well, but this miniaturised version of Chord’s mighty power amplifiers has lost none of its heritage in the process.”

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