Chord Electronics Mojo

Product Code: CED014


ex-vat: £ 332.50

The Chord Electronics Mojo is quite simply “the ultimate DAC/headphone amplifier for your smartphone”.

Designed and built in England, and based on the multi-award winning Hugo platform, Mojo offers a large slice of Hugo performance for a fraction of the cost. Inside Mojo is a powerful headphone amplifier that will deliver crystal clear audio whether you use in-ear buds or large studio cans, it will even play almost any audio file that you can find, up to 768kHz 32bit, and quad DSD 256.

Mojo is able to charge to full in only four hours and will give between eight to ten hours continuous use.

With a high-quality set of headphones and a Mojo plugged into your iPhone, Android phone, PC, or Mac, you’ll experience audio as you’d hear it in a recording studio.

Available in black only.

Download the user manual, including specifications.

Press Reviews

“With technology distilled from its high-end DACs, Chord’s pocket-sized yet hugely capable USB headphone amplifier comes in a milled-from-solid aluminium case, decorated with colour-coded controls. Battery-powered, all the Mojo’s digital processing and DAC functions are implemented in custom code rather than with off-the-shelf parts, promising compatibility with LPCM audio up to 768kHz and DSD up to DSD256. With expansion modules planned to accept SD card storage, Wi-Fi capability and a Bluetooth add-on for wireless connection, a better mix of versatility, sound quality and sheer value for money has yet to be found.”


“Once up and running this a fabulous performer. We listen to Stevie Wonder’s Innervisions on DSD and are gripped from the unmistakable opening bars of Too High right through to the end of the album. There’s plenty of detail here, and the kind of insight into the recording that nothing we’ve heard up until the Hugo can better. But it’s not the excellent resolution that impresses us most. It’s the Mojo’s ability to organise all that information into a cohesive and music whole that makes it stand out from the competition. It delivers the hard charging rhythm track of Higher Ground brilliantly, communicating the song’s unstoppable momentum with real enthusiasm. The presentation is solid, full-bodied but avoids any hint of excess richness at mid- and low-frequencies.”

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What Hi-Fi?

PRODUCT OF THE YEAR! “How does the Mojo compare to the Hugo? My answer is that the family resemblance between the two is unmistakable, but that the products do not by any means sound ‘identical’ or interchangeable. Stated simply, the Mojo offers a very slightly warmer and ever so slightly less forward-sounding presentation, with almost—but not quite—the same high levels of resolution as the Hugo. For a great many headphones and earphones, this is terrific combination of virtues. With that said, when listening though highly revealing top-tier transducers (for example, the HiFiMAN HE 1000 or the Noble Audio 4S CIEMs), there is no denying that the Hugo offers greater resolution and, arguably, more perfectly neutral voicing overall (the perceived voicing differences are, as noted above, likely attributable to the slightly different filter parameters used in the Mojo). For all-day/everyday listening, the Mojo makes a very fine choice, but when you are in the mood to push performance limits the Hugo will be the device of choice. Of course, the ideal solution would be to own both.”

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Hi-Fi Plus

“Switching to the 24-bit/96kHz remaster of Pink Floyd’s The Division Bell, the Mojo retains the same compelling sense of neutrality, but the boost in performance is immediate and extremely impressive. Keep Talking is vast and almost liquid smooth while the layers of vocals and instruments are arranged perfectly. There is sufficient headroom to ensure that it can take most headphones louder than you would reasonably want to listen at. The only real limit to performance is the aforementioned headphones or earphones and with something talented like Oppo’s PM-3 or the Noble 6 earphone, the Mojo delivers a truly exceptional sound.”

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HI-FI Choice

“Playing uncompressed files via Mojo revealed an entire world of micro detail, dynamic alacrity and bass power that no in-built mobile phone headphone output could ever hope to approach. Playing Fink’s “Warm Shadow” from The Walking Dead Soundtrack Volume 1 was a tense, edgy and thoroughly enjoyable experience. As the repetitive guitar theme builds and the rest of the band joins the fray, you’d swear a throng of the undead was, at any time, about to gnaw at your flesh. In other words, the Mojo communicates the digits and therefore the music to your cans faithfully; and in a way that involves you in the experience. Powerful music from Tool and A Perfect Circle just begged me to turn the volume up and rock out. And I did, alas only briefly lest I damage my hearing – you know, paranoia sets in. The bass attack and overall dynamics via Mojo were truly outstanding; every piece of stored music sounded immediate and palpably present.”

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