Sonus Faber

Sonus Faber Speakers

Founded in Italy in 1983 Sonus Faber have gone on to produce some of the most elegant speakers in existence. The aesthetic quality of Sonus Faber speakers is matched only by the beauty of the sound they create. Franco Serblin’s vision to produce speakers as musical instruments has guided and informed every subsequent product over the last three and a half decades. The level of craftsmanship and passion displayed by Sonus Faber speakers is reflected in the value and there can be no mistake that they are a truly premium product that offer an unrivalled audio experience.

The Sonus Faber range is broad, from the entry-level Chameleon series, to the Venere and Olympica models, then to the high- and highest-end special-order models that would grace any system. All are astonishingly beautiful; all reproduce music with authority, clarity, and emotion. Reviewers may struggle with superlatives, but the briefest of auditions with your favourite music will make you a Sonus Faber convert.

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