PrimaLuna Amps

A PrimaLuna amp produces some of the finest valve components in audio, with traditional, yet innovative designs, bullet-proof build quality, meticulous point-to-point manufacturing, and exotic and costly internal components, yet at extraordinarily down-to-earth prices. Indeed, many audiophiles who can afford far more expensive gear opt instead for PrimaLuna. It’s that good.

There are two PrimaLuna ranges: the more basic, yet still high-end ProLogue series, and the no-compromise DiaLogue series. Both include integrated amps and separates. There’s even a valve-based CD player. All receive accolades from reviewers and users alike.

Every PrimaLuna product is designed to last a lifetime and to perform flawlessly with every use. Cool Gales are very proud to be one of the leading UK retailers of PrimaLuna products and we welcome any questions or enquiries you may have. From the top of the range PrimaLuna DiaLogue Premium amps to the entry-level Classic integrated, PrimaLuna components will satisfy the most discerning music lover.

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