Lyra rebuilds

Most recent production Lyra cartridgeso can be rebuilt, effectively restored to original specification. (You can also upgrade your old Lyra cartridge, even if damaged or a discontinued model, to a new current model. For more info, click here.)

Your Lyra cartridge will be returned to the Lyra factory in Japan, where master craftsman Yoshinori Mishima will completely disassemble it. He’ll then install a completely new moving-coil assembly, including cantilever, suspension, coils, damper, and stylus. Only the original magnets, which will be de-magnetised, and poll pieces are retained. Finally, he’ll adjust, measure, and tune your restored cartridge by ear, in exactly the same way new Lyra cartridges are completed.

In some cases, you’ll receive an exchange cartridge that Lyra may already have in stock, restored using the method described above.

Some discontinued high-end Lyra cartridges, like the Titan i, can be returned for a rebuild. Please contact us for details and pricing.

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