Our Hi-Fi+ 2016 Awards Winners!

Posted 07.12.2016

Several products in our portfolio won a prestigious Hi-Fi+ Award for 2016.

The DS Audio DS-W1 optical phono cartridge was named Cartridge of the Year: “Undoubtedly the most exciting development in phono cartridge design since the invention of the moving coil.” Oh, by the way, the moving-coil cartridge was invented in the 1948, making the DS Audio DS-W1 (also called the Nightrider) the most exciting cartridge development in nearly 70 years! Yes, we have one here on permanent demo.

Of course, the Chord Electronics DAVE, our reference DAC here, was the winner in the DAC of the Year category. “There’s only one DAC we could give this award to this year… DAVE pushes the envelope of just what is thought possible in digital audio in the home, and in the process delivers a product that sounds so good, it makes you wonder whether we have reached the pinnacle of what’s possible.”

And Chord Cables Sarum Super ARAY was the Analogue Audio Cable of the Year. “If this system’s sense of easy musical expression, expansive dynamics, and rhythmic flow set it apart, then that is due in no small part to the cables connecting the components getting out of the way and letting them do their job, something which Sarum Super ARAY achieves so effortlessly that you barely notice its contribution—until you remove it from the system and the music simply closes down!” Just wait ’til the reviewers get their hands on Chord Music, Chord’s new top-of-the-range cables, and our new reference!

Do please contact us for an audition of any of the above. We’d love to hear from you.

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