Welcome to our new website!

Posted 13.05.2016

We hope you like our new look: more products, bigger photos (and we’ve dropped that horrible zoom function), and easier navigation. But it’s not just a look that changed. We’re going to be posting much more information and reviews, with opportunities for you to join in with feedback.

Bear with us, as we’ll no doubt have some teething issues to sort, but do please let us know what you think. And keep checking in, as we’ll gradually be adding our entire portfolio of fabulous hi-fi kit!

And many thanks to Exley & Smith for a fantastic job designing and implementing our new site!

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2 thoughts on “Welcome to our new website!

  1. An excellent, easy to use website.

  2. Great new look, Ivan. I keep checking your website and this redesign makes it so much easier to browse.

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